Little Red’s Homemade Gifts is named after my daughter, affectionately known as Little Red because of her fiery hair! She is the reason I created my business, so I could combine being a mother and never missing a beat, together with painting! I have painted as long as I can remember, previously with watercolours. Having sold my first piece at 13 in a local gallery, I have since had my work accepted into several galleries in both Northumberland and Yorkshire, where the Little Red HQ is now based. And that is how I like to view my work, not just as a beautiful bespoke handmade gift, but as art! Each piece I make is absolutely unique. Tailored entirely to you needs and made with love. I would never sell something I would not happily hang in my own home – and I am a perfectionist!

So, with the help of my husband – The Wood Cutter (aka Mr Little Red) – I can make almost anything for any occasion. As the real Little Red grows, so does my business and my gallery is now bursting with examples of my unique designs, which I believe set my business apart from any other!

Another aspect unique to Little Red? Our love of keeping things personal. That is why you will not find a shopping trolley on this site. I like to know what my customers really want. Colours, occasion, environment – they all have a hand in my creations, and that personal touch is what Little Red is famous for. It is the reason my work has been commissioned and sent worldwide, it is the reason my work was stocked in local shops after only a few months of set up, and it is the reason I was nominated as Mumpreneour of the year in a Local Business Award in 2013.

So please, get in touch and let me, my jigsaw and my paintbrushes create something beautiful and timeless for a loved one or your home.

Sarah-Lou, The Wood Cutter and the Real Little Red x